Finally Making Homemade Paninis With My Panini Contact Grill!

I have been in love with paninis even before I knew what they were. I always loved toasted sandwiches and there was a particular kind that I especially liked and I found out later on they had a name. They are panini sandwiches and I enjoy having them for lunch, for dinner, even as a snack in the middle of the afternoon.

The sandwiches have that grilled taste to them and they are awesome with the Italian meat inside of them and some fresh veggies. I can make my own custom paninis now that I have a panini grill. This grill has been amazing to have at home. I can surprise my roommate with panini sandwiches fresh and ready for us or make some for dinner.

It is almost too good to be true that I have my own panini contact grill and can make all of the panini sandwiches that I want to make. The grill is a nice way for me to get that custom flavor into the sandwiches and to enjoy something fresh and something that I don’t have to pay tons of money for. I enjoy making healthier sandwiches at home and the grill is always up for the job.