How to Maintain a Cutting Board

Cutting boards have to be kept clean. For wooden types, daily maintenance usually is a perfect scrub with hot water and soap. Wooden boards and other wooden kitchenware should not be soaked in water to prevent cracking and warping. Most of you are fond of using hydrogen peroxide or some sorts of weak bleach solutions for cleaning wooden boards as a bacterial prevention.

Disregard of the number of times you use your wooden boards and spoons, you have to oil them to maintain their surfaces and prevent dryness. In some households, this practice is done monthly, yet others do it annually or weekly. The best oil to use on your wooden cutting board has to be food oriented and not poisonous. Mineral oil tends to be costly though most commonly used. Its bottles are readily available in quite some kitchen supply stores.

Before you begin, ensure cleaning your boards. The best way of doing it would be scrubbing them with salt and lemon. Oiling should be done when the boards are dry so ensure checking on this in advance. Leave the oil to soak for a considerable duration. Perhaps if you could initiate the oiling process in the evening and wipe them slightly at daybreak to remove any excess oil that could be a nice option.