How to Skew Meat Using Bbq Skewer Set

The world of skewers has two main categories – metal and wooden. Metal skewers usually are designed of stainless steel and last longer if well maintained. They are much friendly to the environment, as they are not thrown away after being used. Metal BBQ skewer set is a good option if you are making just a few skewers. Bamboo mostly serves in making wooden skewers. They have to be soaked for not less than twenty minutes before being used. This prevents them from burning while heating.

Wooden skewers are cost -friendly and are a good fit for catering services that cover a vast number of people. However, they are dumped immediately after use. You can pick on one ingredient for your skewers, say marinated meats. Alternatively, you can include some flavors to come up with a kebab. In case you intend to prepare kebabs, be sure to slice your veggies and meat for them to cook at an approximated same time.

Thread your food on to the BBQ skewer set at its thickest region. If you are preparing wide and flat stuff, say butterflied prawn, remember to engage two skewers. This prevents them from spinning on your skewer. Besides, you can weave thin, long meat strips back and forward on the skewer instead of slicing them into smaller cubes. When you are prepared to cook your stuff, preheat your BBQ skewer set to medium-low heat. Put the skewers on heat as their ends hang over the end.