How to Use Your Kitchen Blenders

Great care is needed in filing kitchen blenders. Always begin filling the jar with liquid ingredients then the other components later. Be sure to cut all veges and food materials into tiny pieces for the mixture to circulate smoothly. After you have included all your ingredients, always provide an allowance for expansion. The rule of thumb indicates that one-third of your blender has to be left empty. However, this allowance may be slightly higher especially for thinner liquids.

If you are blending hot liquids, be sure to consider utmost care in the process. Check if your equipment is meant to use for the intended temperatures. If so, begin at the lowest speed. Open the lid cap to let off the steam and ensure to fill the jar half for convenient expansion. A pad is useful in holding the lid in the blending process.

Avoid running the kitchen blender over an extended duration than expected. Very few blenders are protected against overhead voltage. Besides, your blender’s motor is just as important as the purpose it serves. Perhaps you intend to vary the speeds, let the blender stop completely then change the settings. Ensure placing the jar safely on the unit before operating the blender. Never work on the mixer that has no lid. Even the tiniest quantity of food will result in a considerate loss if the top is not safely attached to the unit.